Thursday, May 28, 2009


The past 2 nights, I performed selections from my CD Late Frost in friends' living rooms. It has been a lot of fun! I like bringing my compositions to people in a very intimate setting, and I had fun *trying* to explain what the pieces were all about! These will be good warm-ups to future gigs - I am currently looking into the NYC coffeeshop scene, but I am also thinking about performing more in homes. seems like a good resource for that.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

site redesign

I am revamping my website. Although I am proud to say that I learned HTML and CSS code and did the current version on my own (with some copying and pasting from "how-to" sites), I must admit that there are better designs out there. I found a template I liked on this site, and am adding my content to it. It's going to be a lot cleaner and more professional-looking. I'm very excited!

Look for the new version in June. If I recall correctly, I bought my domain back in June of 2006 (after I attended June in Buffalo). So this will be kind of a 3-year anniversary event!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

upcoming concerts!

I am happy to write here that I have 3 upcoming concerts! Two will be in Atlanta the last week of May, and one will be in Hoboken on June 14th. More details will be available on my site, which I will (finally) update this weekend.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Axe Grinder

In keeping with my previous theme of resurrecting old pieces, here is a "new" old piece.

It was a school project in Nickitas Demos's Composition Seminar at Georgia State (I don't remember exactly when, but I'm going to guess Spring 2006). I was to write a piece 'in the style of Zack Browning." I tried to emulate his high-energy, rock-influenced style, and use some of his compositional ideas, notably the Golden Section and magic squares.

This piece has an ABA form, with the B section beginning at the negative Golden Mean (38.2% through the piece) and ending at the Golden Mean (61.8% through the piece). The piece is about 3 minutes, so the B section lasts from 1:09 to 1:51.

Magic Squares are tables in which each row, column, and diagonal have the same sum. I used a 4x4 square for the A section and a 3x3 for the B section. There are 4 "voices" in the original piece - trumpet, trombone, and 2 voices in the "tape." In the new version, the voices are guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums.

Each row in the square represents one voice. The numbers in each square told me how many bars each voice would play one of four patterns (one of which was silence). After that particular number of bars, the voice would switch to another pattern. Thus, there are repeating patterns, sometimes unique to each voice, sometimes in unison or in canon.

Listen (MIDI version)