Saturday, June 27, 2009

stamping my music's imaginary passport

I just had a performance (of Searching for Coincidences), and I was 4000 miles away from it. While I find it very interesting that my music can travel further and more easily than I can, I do dream of an exciting life where I can follow it around a bit!

If and when I get my hands on a recording, I will post it on my site. I am very curious how it turned out, since it is indeterminate. I don't even have a MIDI file to give me some kind of sense for it.

In August, I hopefully WILL follow my music - actually, my music will not be heard if I am not there - to Toronto. A paper and a piece have been accepted to the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium. I'm also excited to see more of Canada than the other side of Niagara Falls!

The percussion trio, now officially titled Pachamama, is nearly complete. My friends looked at a draft and they are very excited about it, which is always nice to hear. This one I am looking forward to hearing a recording, as well. I can listen to the rhythms in Sibelius, but percussion in particular is notoriously bad in notation programs.

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