Saturday, July 25, 2009

another week goes by...

Still not much new to report on the composition front, I am sad to say. I had a few months filled with activity so I suppose it's ok to have a month here with not much accomplished. I have been working a good bit for my non-music job, and looking around for other jobs, gigs, etc. So there's my excuse.

One project I have been working on recently was revamping my laptop quartets. I had an initial practice with two people who are interested in forming a trio, so I have been reprogramming some of the pieces for three people. One was far easier than I expected, so I wondered why I put it off so long! The other is taking more work but is still coming along much faster than expected. Maybe I'm just better at programming (in Max/MSP anyway) than I thought. At any rate, Freq Out has been needing some editing to streamline it and I have done that. Now just have to make it look prettier and create a trio version.

In other Max/MSP news, I have been making another Magic Square experiment, using the numbers to create rhythms (numbers are 1-16, treating each number as a tuplet within a 4-beat bar). The square also affects the form, chords, and tempo. More on this when it's done. More of an etude than an actual piece, but that's ok.

Slowly pulling together ideas for the piano/electronics solo. I think I will stick with Max/MSP for the Audio, and learn more about Processing to make visuals. I am proposing an 18-minute piece, in 4 connected movements loosely based on sonatas: a long, fast-ish movement in vaguely sonata form; a slow movement in ternary form; a short, fast "variations" movement; a fast "rondo." Extramusical ideas in my head keep pointing toward space, more specifically the moon (I may revisit the ideas of Mare Serenitatis here), so it should only seem like a sonata in a very general sense!

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