Sunday, August 23, 2009

what will be consuming my life:

My favorite posts to write are the ones exploring my compositional thought process. It helps me understand how I work, and I hope it can give people insight into my work, or give other composers/artists some ideas.

Unfortunately, I don't have one of those prepared today. Instead, so I don't leave everyone hanging, I wanted to update with a list of what will soon be consuming my life. In other words, major projects:

1. GRAD SCHOOL APPLICATIONS. This is the most important. I have wanted to pursue a PhD in music composition for 6 years now, and it is time. I was hoping to start this fall, but I only applied to hard schools, they didn't have enough money due to the economy, etc. This year, I'm applying to 12 schools so I know I'll get into at least 2 or 3!

subsections of this project:

a. Graduate Record Exam - I am taking this again. I took it in '04 and scores are only good for 5 years. Also, I know I can perform much better on the writing portion - I got a 4 out of 6 last time, and I don't think I'm that shabby a writer. I am starting to brush up on my math though - haven't done a lot of that stuff in a long time!

b. Statement(s) of Purpose - I got started late on these last year (I was writing them feverishly over Christmas). I'm going to start soon so I have plenty of time to revise and have people read them (volunteers welcome!).

c. Piano/Electronics/Video piece - This is going to be a big piece (18 minutes), but I feel I need a new piece to show off. Since I want to delve into multimedia the video part will be important. It will be fairly simple, but I need to show that I can do a little bit.

2. Art+Culture - I have a part-part-time position as music curator for this website, so I've been doing some blogging and research there. It's a very cool site, definitely worth exploring.

3. Dance/Theatre collaboration - I'm working on music for an abstract play/dance piece based on Shakespeare's 148th sonnet. It is half waltz and half tango... We're hoping to get it on a festival or something in late fall.

4. Promoting my CDs - I am gradually booking shows around NJ for playing pieces from Late Frost. I'm also putting together a laptop trio, and when we do shows I'll bring a few copies of Parallel Lives. I've put clips on several sites (now all tracks can be streamed on Last.FM), and I'm hoping to find time to make some YouTube videos for Late Frost.

5. The Piano/Electronics/Video piece. Yes, I put it down twice.

That's a lot of work, but it's all going to be fun and well worth the effort!


jessi said...

Good luck with everything! I'll volunteer my English-teacher services for your statement of purpose.

Adam Scott Neal said...

Great! I will take you up on it (it will be a little while though).

Anonymous said...

Live the dream pal

bribery tends to work for the American variety i'm told


Adam Scott Neal said...

Hey Major C - didn't see this until now. Yep, living the dream! Are you done with your 2nd Master's yet? Going on to the PhD?