Sunday, November 15, 2009

Two new videos

I uploaded two new videos today:

This is "Snow Drifts," a track from Late Frost. I used CamStudio to make a video capture of an improvised painting session in ArtRage.

This is an algorithmic music experiment made in Max/MSP. I used a 4x4 magic square to determine various aspects of the music.

Top line = number of "voices" in each section. There are a total of 16 notes in each chord, but most are turned off in the subsequent sections.

Line 2 = Number of chords in each section. Each lasts an equal amount of time within each section. In other words, section 1 lasts 90 seconds, and there are 5 chords, so 90/5 = 18 seconds each.

Line 3 determined the length of each section - I multiplied them by 10 to make the piece longer.

The bottom determines the tempo. Again, this used division - section 1 is 90 seconds, and there are 4 "bars" lasting 22.5 seconds. The notes are all related to this length. The top left happens 16 times within that 22.5 seconds (or every 1.4 seconds), etc. The last section is very slow; if you think about it, it is 2 "beats" per minute!