Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Codename: Full Circle begins

So far this week, I have been listening to my soloists' tracks and formulating ideas about how to put these pieces together. As a brief appetizer, listen to this mp3 below:


As I wrote in the previous post, for this project I will take existing 'beats,' add solos and other goodies and make hopefully interesting tracks. So this mp3 contains excerpts from some of the processing I've been trying out. The processes are nothing new in and of themselves, but I should have an interesting stew when all is said and done.

Working Title: You - main beat, filtered to a g-minor triad. Wide spacing, based on the harmonic series, but with a B-flat instead of B-natural. Compiled in Csound - butterbp filters, 5Hz bands.

ATL Funk - main beat convolved with a flute playing E5 (played by Nicole Chamberlain from her solo for Crunkdafunkdafied!). Done in Csound with the convolve opcode.

Crunkdafunkdafied - sped up, with pitch preserved (in CoolEdit 96!). I repeated each bar so that the harmonic motion remains at the same rate.

Possibility - I wanted a jittery, grainy effect, so I did a little script in Mikel Keuhn's nGen to make a Csound score. It reads through the beat at about half-speed. Going to play with this idea a bit more.

Possibility - In this part I used the bbcut opcode in Csound to do some breakbeat stuff with the Possibility beat. I changed the parameters and generated 3 minutes of material; here is a taste. If I use this, it probably won't be as-is. I will take bits and pieces and put them in an order I prefer. A little too random at this point.

These experiments may show up in another piece instead, or not at all. Stay tuned!

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