Saturday, February 13, 2010

Codename: Full Circle continues

The last few days haven't been as productive, but I have some new clips to share.

The first track has the working title "80s Action" because it originally sounded to me like something out of an 80s Action movie - the part where the two buddies are driving around the city at night, building tension before the final shootout...

So I have sax (Jason Passmore) and trumpet (Jason Pellett) for this one. After playing Pellett's trumpet theme, it reminded me of Ennio Morricone's western music. So I took a few notes from Passmore, stretched them a ton with the Csound phase vocoder (pvoc), and made a pretty effective "string" section. Coupled with Pellett's trumpet and a church bell I nabbed from the Freesound Project, it may make a fun intro. Listen below (Yes, I am aware I will need to fix some intonation issues):

80s Action tests

The second track I was working with is called "Possibility." Here I have guitar by Darren Nelsen and flute by his wife Margie Deeb. Darren sent me versions of the theme I wrote, played with different effects. I liked this one with overdrive the best. After this is a little experiment, taking Margie's version of the theme and granulating it.

Possibility tests

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