Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Full Circle: First 'Possibility' edit

This is a quick update, but a longer sample. I have been stitching together various parts of various tracks. Below is what I have so far for 'Possibility.' It is a deliberately poor quality mp3, by the way.


The opening guitar theme, played by Darren Nelsen, is the part I wrote. He and Margie Deeb (flute) came up with the other solos. You can hear elements from earlier episodes, such as the brassage-flutes after the flute solo, and the breakbeatish drums after the guitar solo.

I feel that the succession of solos makes the piece too fast-paced compared to the laid-back groove it presents. Still, I don't want interest to wane...will have to think on it!


Darren Nelsen said...

I think you should leave more space between verses and solos. That would help the track breathe more, imo. :)

Very cool what you did with the flute processing, the delay/pitch shift fluttery thing! I'd love to hear more of that before the guitar comes in.

Adam Scott Neal said...

cool - I agree that it needs space. And yes, there will be more brassage/granular fluteness!