Saturday, February 20, 2010

Full Circle: Slowly taking shape

This week, I mainly worked on assembling solos with the tracks. Not as much experimentation, though I have some ideas.

In the clip below, you will here the following:

80s Action - the end of Jason Pellett's solo, followed by the main theme/chorus/hook, played by Jason Passmore. I thought it might sound cool to have a sax section instead of just a solo sax, so I did some studio trickery to see how it sounded. There are 4 tracks of saxophones - 2 at pitch, 2 an octave lower. I also detuned and delayed one track from each octave to make a thicker sound. Still a little tweaking to be done but I like the idea so far.

Crunkdafunkdafied - I had changed the tempo (preserving pitch) in an earlier example, and I liked the sound - sort of acid-jazzy. Here I pitch shifted the uptempo track by a semitone and a whole tone in each direction, giving me several more chords. Some sound very obviously pitch-shifted, but I kinda like that...I improvised an electric piano solo and I think it will work. I have really bad latency issues today, so I will look into that and do another solo later.

Enjoy! - Listen

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