Monday, February 15, 2010

More experiments for Full Circle

Hi readers and listeners!

I have done a little more thinking and experimenting, and have some new examples for you:


In the first part, you will hear a new wave-ish beat, with some pitch-shifted and distorted flutes. This may be part of "Crunkdafunkdafied" - I'm thinking of having a double-time section in the middle. I was hoping for the drums to be more punkish, but I'm using the same samples from the current track and they aren't quite right. Of course, this is the first try...

The drums were sequenced in Primate, a little drum machine I made in Max/MSP. I pitch shifted and distorted the flutes in CoolEdit.

In the second part, you will hear me messing around with the backing track from "Octagon." I opened it in the user interface for my laptop piece Morty's Mood. Just skipping around and changing speed/direction. I think a turntablish solo would be cool for this one, I'll just need to practice and revise the interface a bit.

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