Saturday, February 6, 2010

New old project

I am excited to resurrect a project that has been dormant for nearly three years!

I was originally asked to write a flute solo with hip-hop beats as accompaniment. I came up with eight different tracks, but the project stalled as the flutist and I became busy with many other things (and both moved away from Hotlanta). This project has been in the back of my mind for a long time, and finally around September last year I came up with an idea to revamp it.

I asked several of my Atlanta-based composer-performer pals to record themes that I wrote for each track, then compose and record two variations. Most tracks have contributions from two people, and I am now starting to stitch these together.

I also decided to 'remix' the tracks a little bit - make more sections, use more than two chords (!), etc. This will hopefully make the tracks into interesting compositions, instead of just a repetitive beat with two people soloing.

I am going to post little excerpts of the pieces as they progress. To start, here is part of Nicole Randall Chamberlain's recording, synced up to a track named 'Crunkdafunkdafied.' In another event of recycling/resurrecting old pieces, this track is based on a jam I wrote for my old band Chancellor Dugan.

Listen here.

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