Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting back in gear

If you haven't been reading my Twitter updates, I have made it to Gainesville, Florida (and have been here three weeks tomorrow). I have settled into my apartment, though I have only had one week of school and one of my classes hasn't even met yet. So in that regard, I'm still settling in.

I have several projects in the works, which I will write more about soon:

1. Straphanger/Petrichor - these titles may be familiar to some, as I wrote them in '06 and '07. I also created extended installation version of the pieces. What I am working on now is a CD of ambient-ish versions, based on the files used in the installations, but on the formal structures of the originals. Both pieces are around 30 minutes. More details in a later post.

2. Mirror Universes series - two of these have been written so far, and the Devil May Care duo played No. 2 on their East Coast tour this year [video]. Each will feature Caleb Herron on percussion and a guest on various instruments (so far viola and clarinet, with pieces for trombone and sax sketched out). We are hoping to release a CD of the pieces sometime next year.

3. Full Circle project - my hip-hop hybrid project. For those new to this blog, I was documenting my progress in the spring, but then my laptop died and I lost a lot of my data. Finally I have time to recreate stuff and am stitching things together for a winter release.

4. Quarter-tone flute piece - this will be a 6-7 minute piece for quarter-tone flute and electronics of some sort. I have barely begun this but I promised to do it a long time ago, so I will do my best to finish it this semester. Writing it for Carla Rees in London.

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Darren Nelsen said...

Good luck with all your projects and your new endeavors in Gainesville.