Monday, September 6, 2010

drone ditty

For this alto flute piece I'm writing, I'm considering making a drone through the majority of the tape part. I made a quick test thing with triangle waves, and I made a quick quarter-tone tester thing (both are Max/MSP patches).

Below is an improv I did - will give you a sense of some of the ideas I'm playing with for this piece. I found some information about Arabic maqamat (scales), and am planning to use tetrachords from this system as a basis for my melodic figures (it won't be straight up scales, but I will be using some of the interval patterns.

The first part you will hear is a little passage on the Rast tetrachord - a whole step and two 3/4-steps. After this I played some scales to hear how they sound with the drone - quarter tone, chromatic, whole tone, then a 3/4-tone scale. Good times.

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