Monday, September 20, 2010

flute piece - electronic beginnings

This week I spent most of my composition time working on materials for the 'tape'/'computer' part of my flute piece. Below is an mp3 of the best parts.

(Times approximate)
0:00-0:30 Flute and tambura samples, chopped up and shuffled around, then reverberated.
0:30-0:55 same thing, pitch-shifted down one octave
0:55-1:10 first attempt at editing, it was too sparse - not planning to use this but i kinda like the idea. maybe in another piece - to "funky" for this one.
1:10-1:35 chopping up a scale with a lot of air sounds. could maybe be something, especially when reverberated, but not sure at this point.
1:35-1:55 chopped up air sound, then reverberated. i like this texture a good bit - this and the pitch-shifted drone idea will probably be the main 'backdrops'.
1:55-2:30 convolved a flute chromatic scale with a recording of pigeons. works pretty nicely, I think.

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