Thursday, October 7, 2010

48-Hour Show preview

This Sunday-Tuesday at UF we are embarking on a project known as the 48-Hour Show. Composers will randomly draw an ensemble and have 24 hours to compose. The ensembles will then have 24 hours to rehearse. I am very excited about participating, being a veteran of this type of show (I started Georgia State's Instant Music Series - which to my delight is still going - back in '06). 48 hours is too much time, if you ask me, but I'm the new guy here so no one did.

I will blog about the experience afterward, but I will be tweeting about it starting Sunday night.

In celebration and preparation, I would like to share my two "Instant" pieces from '06 and '07. I am happy with both of them:

April 1, 2006

For the first Instant Music, I randomly drew as my quartet 2 percussionists, classical guitar, and trumpet. Somehow, this made me imagine something Takemitsu-esque. I wrote a 12-tone piece, since I was using that technique a lot at the time and since I knew it would be helpful to churn out notes.

This piece later became the first movement of Three Haiku. Here are links and recordings of both for comparison's sake.

Score, Haiku for 4 Players

Score, Three Haiku

March 30, 2007

Compared to the second year, I had a luxurious amount of time to write Haiku. Due to my teaching schedule and a desire for a few hours of sleep, I have about 4 hours to compose my Instant piece.

This time I drew trumpet and baritone singer. We made an option that you could add yourself as a performer to your own piece, so I added piano. For the text, I chose a poem by Charles Bukowski. Note: not safe for work.

Score of You


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