Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Well, this week has flown by. The 48-Hour show went well. I liked my piece a lot better when I heard humans perform it. Waiting for a recording...

For my DSP class, we are using SuperCollider and my prof's own PVC. The second one posed a problem, as it was written for Mac and I am a rare creative-type who uses Windows primarily. Fortunately, this program is run in the Terminal, so with a little reconfiguring it can also be run in Linux.

I installed Ubuntu on my little netbook - I used Wubi, which I highly recommend if you want to see how Linux works. You install it within Windows, without making a partition. So I have been exploring a little bit. Some things are easier to install than others (It's going to take me awhile to get SuperCollider running), but overall I like it quite a bit.

An added bonus to using Linux is the "respect" factor. Now, I think that all operating systems are usable, but "Mac people" have this thing about making fun of Windows. If I use Linux then "Mac people" will finally shut up (because Linux has this esoteric cache - "wow, you must be realllly good with computers!"). I really can't stand "Mac people." Please note that I am differentiating between Mac users and "Mac people."

Moving on...

Ghazal for alto flute is almost finished. I had my first session in the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio the other day. I need to hang out there more. We have good speakers (Genelec). And a Mac. :P

I have essentially finished writing the Mirror Universes series, and now Caleb Herron and I are making plans to record all the pieces for a CD. I am really looking forward to that - I enjoyed his and Ariana's rendition (of No. 2), but I think that the pieces will work better listening at home than in a coffeeshop.

Speaking of CDs, I decided to put Late Frost and Parallel Lives up for free download on my site. I had broken even on them, and it's not like I'll be losing millions of dollars in revenue. They are still available for purchase on various sites, just in case someone stumbles upon me elsewhere.

I'm sure more happened this week, and I'll post it if it seems important. Cheers!

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