Saturday, October 23, 2010

work, sonnet, concerts, and stuff

I'm the type who never considers a composition "done" (I'm not at all a perfectionist though), but my flute piece is basically finished. This week I finally got back to work on the "Full Circle" hip-hop-ish project. It's been fun to hear stuff start to come together. I am also thinking up ideas for my final project in my DSP seminar, and toying with the idea of writing a saxophone quartet.

Also, if you missed my Twitter post, I do have a recording of my 48-hour piece:

This next week or so will be busy - a concert by the Sonic Computing Organization on Thursday in UF's Baughman Center. I am presenting a version of Mare Serenitatis, altered to match the resonances of the space... The following Friday will be the 46th Unbalanced Connection concert of electroacoustic music at UF. I will be diffusing Obedience School on the 16-channel GATOR system.

I am supposed to pick my cognate area (aka doctoral minor) and my dissertation committee by the end of this school year. Had a good meeting with a professor in Film and Media studies, and am going to sit in on his Film Theory course. I had been thinking variously of doing the cognate in philosophy or digital media, but I think that film & media studies is closer in line to what I want to research.

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