Friday, December 3, 2010

still alive!

I made a promise to myself to keep up with this blog when I started back to school, but it looks like I've been up to my usual rarely-updating tricks.

Major projects of late:

Saxophone quartet - now officially titled "Wedge Issue." I am hoping to get some saxophonists here at UF to read through it before the end of term. Will post if that happens!

"Full Circle" hip-hop-ish project. I got pretty close to done, then decided I would never be really happy with it if I didn't go back and redo the backing tracks. So I denoised and quantized a little. Really hoping to get this done by the new year, which essentially means by the end of this semester. Hmmm....

SuperCollider etude. Originally I was calling this "Phony Morricone" and using instrument samples to evoke a Leone western. Due to various factors (processing speed, not-too-great samples from, etc.), I decided to go an all-synth route.

So now I have some bell, organ, and percussion sounds. It's pretty "moody" and "dark." I'm still very much a SuperCollider novice, but I'm getting better with programming and general knowledge of its capabilities. Will post this when I'm done, as well - even the code, because I'm sure you're very interested in that part!

ok, back to it...


David said...

because I'm sure you're very interested in that part!

Hahaha. I suspect you're mocking me, but I'm still laughing.

Adam Scott Neal said...

nah, I'm more mocking myself. Of the three-four people who read this you are probably the only one (marginally) interested in the code ;)