Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Break = Update

In the past month since I last posted, I've been busy with school. The biggest event was February 19-21, when my friends Cerberus Percussion Group came down to Gainesville to play two shows. The first took place at a local bar called The Laboratory; my new group FLIP opened with a set of laptop improv. I do have a recording of FLIP, which I'll take an excerpt and post at some point. Cerberus of course played Pachamama - the fourth time they performed it. Cerberus is going to put it aside for the time being, but the GSU Percussion Ensemble, led by Stuart Gerber, will be performing it on April 5.

On February 21, Cerberus performed at UF for the portrait concert of our guest composer Mark Applebaum. I was in charge of curating the concert, which included a dozen of Mark's pieces. Cerberus played his percussion duo Go, Dog. Go! and his trio Catfish. Mark played some jazz piano, we presented a few of his tape pieces (including the hilarious Pre-Composition. UF students performed a piece for carillon, piano six-hands, 3 conductors (and no players), and some improv pieces such as 48 Objects and The Metaphysics of Notation. Below is a cool video documentary about the latter:

There's No Sound In My Head from lateral on Vimeo.

As for my own music, I am working on a multi-percussion solo (with an emphasis on glockenspiel) for Trevor Saint. It was originally conceived as a piece for glock and tape, but I just keep finding that I have no ideas for "tape," nor do I have a real desire to write for tape right now. Someday, perhaps.

My work is definitely in experimental mode right now; not much "finished product" that I'm extremely pleased with, but exercises that I'm confident will lead somewhere, eventually!

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