Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solo Improv (Blueprint No. 1)

Last Saturday, I performed this set as part of Hal McGee's "Apartment Music" series at his...apartment.

I am using my Max patch for Blueprint No. 1, though I am ignoring the score. I guess that kind of makes it the premiere...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

learning Lilypond

In hopes of going all open source, as well as producing better scores, I am starting to learn Lilypond. I had thought about learning it for years but was always too lazy. Now I'm finding it's fairly easy. The Lilypond website has great reference and tutorial pages, which helps.

After doing some initial tutorials, I figured the best way to really learn it was to force my way through notating a piece. I am reaching back to 2004, the beginning of my composing career, to (re)notate my flute solo "Nympholepsy." I'm pretty happy with a lot of my scores (notated in Sibelius), but for some reason this one always bothered me. Can't say why.

Below are images of the beginning of the score. The first is the Sibelius version, and the second is the new one I'm working on in Lilypond. As I'm notating, I'm reading off a version of th Sibelius score I printed out, where I had spread out the notes better than what you see here (the line breaks match those of the Lilypond score).

(click to enlarge)

Edit: here, also, is the first page of my final pencil draft: