Thursday, September 8, 2011

first video sketch

Yesterday, we screened our first "sketches" in video class. The directions for this project asked us to "concentrate on the materiality of color, composition, framing, texture..." rather than using characters and language. We were also to make this all in-camera, without edits (other than pausing the recording, re-recording, etc.).

For the semester, I have a Canon XH A1 checked out. The following video is one of several takes, no edits.

We will be using Final Cut Pro in class, but I was able to capture this video with dvgrab, then add some fades and render it as an Mpeg with Kdenlive (Kdenlive's capture function seems to be buggy - I could control the camera transport from the computer, but not import video. After searching around, I saw that I could just go into the terminal and use dvgrab - so easy. Go Linux!)

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