Sunday, October 9, 2011

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Grad Student Composer

Here is my third video sketch:

I decided to be a little lighthearted and less abstract on this one. It is a glimpse into my workspace - i.e. my life. Grading some theory tests, taking notes on a dissertation about Adorno, writing a piece for flute and guitar, programming an Arduino and soldering components for Tether. Also, making copious amounts of coffee and trying to destress by jamming on the piano.

I recently solved a snag in Tether, so I'm happy about that, and we're starting to get things together. Still hoping to perform it at UF on Oct. 28, but if that fails I applied to a student festival in Miami in November we may be able to do.

Flute and guitar piece is done. I am Lilyponding - most of it was pretty quick but the hairpins and guitar fingerings keep interfering - I want the dynamics to consistently be below, but alas, I have not yet sussed that out. (then again, I only started yesterday!)

Current projects include a paper on Mr. Bungle's "Quote Unquote," a transcription of a Daniel Myer (Haujobb) interview for my prof, yet another video, and getting things set up for our guest performer and guest composer next semester.

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