Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tether 2.1 performance

We went down to Florida International University last week for the FEASt (Florida Electroacoustic Student) Festival. It was a nice chance to perform a slightly improved version of Tether. Fixed the program on Josh's unit and improved our performance a little bit. Several people mentioned that version 2.0 was a bit "sterile," focusing too much on space and too little on interaction. We got a better balance this time.

Of course, one of Josh's speakers wasn't working in rehearsal so we had to suss that out, then one of mine stopped working just before the performance! But, overall it worked and we were happy with the progress.

Also: had some fun adventures going to a Spanish-only bar (what are the Irish guy and Asian guy doing here?) and nearly running out of gas in the Everglades.

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