Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tether v.2 performance

Last Friday Josh Cajinarobleto and I presented Tether on Unbalanced Connection 48 at UF. The week leading up to the performance, we spent about 30 some-odd hours constructing and tweaking the units.

We are happy with the look of the units and the performance overall, but a few things need more tweaking. For one, I couldn't upload the final version of the Arduino program onto Josh's Arduino. Something to do with "avrdude" - couldn't find a simple answer on that one so I'll need to work on it. Also, the gears inside the units weren't quite aligned, so the cables would get a little stuck every once in awhile. So we held onto the units to give them some extra force against the gears - but we were hoping to do this 'hands-free.'

We'll be performing this again in Miami in 2 weeks so hopefully we can get a few kinks worked out (I doubt all of them!).

Here's a video. I apologize for the sound quality (applause at beginning and end will be much louder than the performance). This is taken from the camera mic, at the back of the hall. Also, we have a large, loud AC system and no noise reduction seemed to help without adding major swishiness.

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