Wednesday, December 21, 2011

fluid dynamics, video

fluid dynamics is the final video project of the video theory/production course I took this semester. It is an expansion of a video sketch I posted previously.

This piece is very process-heavy in both the video and audio portions, but I think they are very unified because of it. The most interesting criticism I received was that it was a bit too repetitive visually. I found this interesting because musicians use repetition all the time. We love repetition. We live repetition. So the comment showed how different the media of video and music are from each other. I had to point out that there are only six chords in the whole piece...

Those chords, by the way, are stolen from my piano piece Late Frost. When I hear this piece I don't think about the other one at all, which I suppose means that I did some successful recycling.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Interiors, for flute and guitar

As I kill time waiting to go to my composition jury, I figured I may as well post a blog about one of the pieces I'm presenting. It is called "Interiors" and is written for flute and guitar.

The notes are based on the frequencies of the harmonic series, based on E2 and D3, the 6th and 4th strings of the guitar. The guitar part is almost completely made of natural harmonics, played on different strings. This shows the out-of-tuneness of equal temperament, and makes for some interesting wobbly effects. The flute part is mostly "normal" though it gets a few harmonics as well.

My mode of composition this year has been fairly minimal, in the sense of economy of material. I have also been interested in spectral techniques, so this and the piano piece I'm currently writing are based on the harmonic series. Thus, I'm leaning ever more *gasp* tonal.


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