Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year / New Band / new stuff

March 4, 2012 will see the debut of the new group I co-founded, Terminus Ensemble. The group, based in Atlanta, aims to perform and promote music by Atlanta natives and/or residents. We are all very excited about it!

A good friend of mine, Caleb Herron, started another contemporary ensemble in Atlanta called Chamber Cartel. They debuted on New Year's Day with a concert of Morton Feldman's Crippled Symmetry, which received a positive review in ArtsCriticATL.

So things are moving in the Atlanta "new music" / "contemporary classical" / "alt-classical" / "post-classical" scene. Hope the momentum keeps up!

On the Gainesville side of my life, lots going on there too. Check out this page on our department website - 13 events this semester! Going to be a whirlwind few months.

Although a changeover to a new year is pretty arbitrary, I have the sense of good things in the air. A lot of people are calling for this artistic momentum (as well as politically progressive momentum) and I won't be so naive to think that we'll see tremendous changes this year, but I'll be happy if people start to make new, positive habits.

To steal and repost a great quote from Kim Cascone that was going around facebook: "In 2012 we all need to turn the 'culture dial' to '11.' We need to support the arts more than ever right now - it's withering and folding back on itself like a plant without nutrients. So please do your part to put on concerts, go to concerts, check out new releases, buy releases, turn others onto interesting projects, go to museums, visit bookstores, go to see films, we need to start PAYING for culture instead of just letting the Internet provide it for free...and I'm NOT talking about *pop culture* (that already has lots of money thank you) but small, experimental, non-mainstream, independent, projects created by people who have imagination and vision and require funding in order to continue adding brain-stim into the world. Please remember that the arts require money and that artists need to eat just like you. Let's work to make 2012 a renaissance year. :)"

I also liked this article "A New Year's Resolution for 2012: Give Contemporary Classical Music a Chance."