Friday, February 3, 2012


January at UF saw guest appearances by pianist Jeri-Mae Astolfi and composer James Mobberley. I enjoyed interacting with both, but as I was in charge of their visits, I have to say I'm glad they're over so I can relax!

Not that I'm relaxing overmuch. Terminus debuts in a month, and of course I have other projects to contend with. But hey, classes are good and I'm inching closer to figuring out my dissertation topic.

For anyone following my Twitter, you may have seen that I had a stray bat get into my apartment and I suffered a hard drive crash. The bat (who was cute but annoying) left without too much fuss (I just left a window open all night) and System76 swiftly replaced my hard drive.

That's about it for now. Certainly enjoying not doing tech work for UF for a little while. Maybe I'll write some music this weekend. There's a thought...

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