Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Looking back

In keeping with last month's blog entry, I have a few thoughts about looking back on my compositions. I am uploading some tracks to SoundCloud right now. I had several up there, including a track from Late Frost and Full Circle, but I decided to take them down as they exist on my Bandcamp page. I decided to use my SoundCloud page primarily for my acoustic music, which I have not collected into albums like I have with some of my electroacoustic music.

I decided to upload one piece per year that I've been composing seriously, so this stretches back to 2004. I've written a lot of music (about 40 pieces) in that time, so obviously some is hit-or-miss, even within the same piece. Still, it's instructive for me to look back, and I hope that it will make for an interesting overview for others.